Bond Based  Choice Teaching Dog training  based on trust


The people behind the revolution

Welcome to the revolution of dog training!

Bond-Based Choice Teaching is an entirely new method based on social learning in which we build strong relationships with our dogs through bond-building exercises. Secure bonds enable dogs to learn quickly and willingly, resulting in more reliable and confident dogs and happier owners.  Bond-Based Choice Teaching builds great relationships based on mutual respect, trust, understanding and care.  Bond-Based Choice Teaching is easy, fast, effective and fun for both the owner and the dog.




Join us in forming a new connection...

If you are currently a dog trainer. Let us introduce to the newest behavior science model of dog training, Bond- Based Choice Teaching, come to our seminars, find out what all the excitement is all about.

“Bond based dog training is a quantum shift to the way we teach our dogs to live compatibly in our human world”.

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Upcoming Seminars

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Teach the Teacher  


Teach the Teacher is a 3 day seminar sharing the Bond-Based Choice Teaching method. 

When you leave this seminar you will have the knowledge to teach Bond-Based Choice Teaching to your dog.  Trainers will be able to teach this method with their clients.

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